Tower Bridge

25th September 2014 - by Chris Saizan

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is the bridge featured in the City of West Sacramento logo.

Tower Bridge CWS logo


Tower bridge is one of the things in West Sacramento that I tend to forget about. Once in a while, a visiting friend will comment on what a cool bridge it is as we drive over it into Old Town Sac.

And it reminds me – “Oh yeah… this IS a cool bridge.”

towerbridge bwtowerbridge 2








Tower Bridge is a great example of our fair city’s history and tendency to do things a little differently. Completed in 1935, it is the only vertical lift in the California Highway System. (wiki here)

The bridge accommodates pedestrians and bicyclists also, allowing you to spend an afternoon on Old Town Sac and then stroll across for a River Cats game.

If you ever get a chance to view Tower Bridge when it is lifted, it’s pretty cool.

towerbridge raised





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