Bayer Crop Science

10th September 2014 - by Chris Saizan

Bayer Crop Science

Bayer CropScience opened a new facility in West Sacramento last week. I’m so excited, it feels like Christmas!

This on the heels of Shinmei opening their rice bun factory in town, Bayer is one of four food-related companies making big investments in West Sacramento this year. (food hub article here)


West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon and Bayer CropScience CEO Liam Condon and Bayer CropScience president Jim Blome are at a ribbon cutting for the newly opened facility in West Sacramento. (BizJournal)


Bayer is one of the world’s leading crop science companies. They plan to invest $1 billion into their US facilities over the next three years, and the $80 million West Sac lab is a good start. (Bayer press release¬†here)

The new R&D facility will provide jobs for up to 300 agriculture scientists coming out of Davis. (Biz Journal article here)

It is so encouraging to see growth of this scale happening anywhere, let alone my hometown.



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