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If you are thinking about relocating, you have a lot of things to consider. Is the neighborhood safe? Are the schools good? Mostly, you are looking for a place where you can feel comfortable, where you belong.

Are you thinking about making West Sac your home? Let us tell you why we did.



Q: What to interstates 50, 99, 5 and 80 all have in common?

A: They all pass right through West Sacramento.

As the Sacramento area grows, real estate with easy access to a major freeway has become a coveted commodity.

Living next door to the burgeoning art and culture scene that is Sacramento, West Sac residents have it good. But what about getting away? for instance, I have family in San Diego, Chico, Reno and Palo Alto. I also like to take the occasional day trip to Tahoe or San Francisco.

West Sac Freeways


Living at a nexus of interstates makes it easy to get out of town when spontaneity strikes. An added bonus is that I see a lot of family and friends who are passing through Northern California, because most of the time their route brings them within two miles of my house.



West Sacramento homes fit into roughly three categories.

Homes built in the 40’s – 50’s make perfect project homes because they are livable, affordable and ready for custom upgrades.

Homes built during the 2000-2005 boom that make perfect starter homes because they are up to date, in well established neighborhoods, and many are for sale by their original owner.

Then the homes that I get excited about. Luxury lofts in the up and coming Bridge District, like Ironworks and the Park Moderns. Walking distance to Raley Field and the Tower Bridge connection to downtown, surrounded by plans for new retail, restaurants and small venues.



Let me paint you a picture of West Sacramento ten years from now.

Imagine being connected to Downtown Sacramento by street car. Or strolling along the riverfront for a bite to eat, some shopping and an outdoor concert at the Barn.

Sharing a hometown with the “most valuable minor league baseball team,” the Rivercats, and living across the river from the new Sacramento Kings arena and Sac Republic stadium.

Imagine home values increasing as manufacturing companies like Bayer Crop Science continue rolling in to take advantage of the Port of  West Sacramento, and Sacramento expands into surrounding areas (see “Sacramento Rising“).



If you are looking for quiet neighborhoods, easy mobility, lots of open space and an exciting art and culture scene across the river, then West Sac just might be for you. More questions? Of course!

A home purchase is an exciting decision, and a complicated one. You need an agent who is going to take care of your needs every step of the way. As a Professional Real Estate Consultant with Keller Williams Realty, I’m here to exceed your expectations and make your home buying experience as smooth as possible.


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