Colleges and Universities

27th March 2015 - by Chris Saizan

Colleges and Universities

The Impact of Higher Education


One way to gauge the stability, job market and quality of life in a community is to look at the educational institutions nearby. How many are there? How prestigious are they? How do they effect the community?

This 2009 study by explains the impact of universities on their regional economics. (read here)

To summarize, the presence of a university generates a lot of commerce, improves local wages and “human capital,” and also helps the community to attract economic development resources.


Colleges and Universities


West Sacramento sits in between two large universities and several community colleges and trade schools. Here’s a list of your higher education options.

California State University, Sacramento – This CSU is so close that your college student could come home for lunch between classes – only seven miles from West Sacramento.

University of California, Davis – One of the top public research facilities in the world, especially in the fields of medicine, engineering and agriculture. 13 miles away, Google says it’s a 16 minute drive.

The Art Institute of Sacramento – I have visited this campus in West Sac, and it’s very cool. Their four main departments are Design, Fashion, Media Arts and Culinary.

Sacramento City College – Community College, take classes at the nearby main campus or at the West Sac campus.

University of Phoenix – A brick and mortar campus for the nation’s largest private university, shares a campus with the Art Institute in West Sacramento.

University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law – Proximity to the State Capital provides great opportunities for law students who are interested in public policy.

Cast your net further and you can choose from a huge variety of public and private institutes, seminaries, and trade schools.


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