Hunting and Fishing

19th June 2015 - by Chris Saizan

Hunting and Fishing

Where to hunt and fish in West Sacramento

First day of Summer is here, which means it’s time to start planning your hunting agenda for the Fall. Last week, the results for California hunting tags became available.

Transplants from out of state will appreciate the fact that yes, we do allow people to hunt in California. In fact, there is a new program that facilitates hunting on private land (with permission, of course) called SHARE – Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement.

Bird hunting is especially accessible from West Sacramento. The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, just on the other side of the deep water channel that borders West Sac to the West, offers sixteen blinds that bird hunters can reserve in advance.

The Sacramento Bypass Wildlife Area to the North of us offers bird hunting as well as fishing.

If you don’t want to go that far to fish, there are a couple of spots right here in town – the Barge Canal and Broderick boat ramp (more info here). I have also seen young boys with fishing poles standing in the reeds along the little pond next to the Clarksburg Branch Line Trail. Nice to see that kind of classic Americanism still being honored.

For information about tags and licenses, hunter safety courses and where to hunt bigger game, visit



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