West Sacramento Sun

13th November 2014 - by Chris Saizan

West Sacramento Sun

The West Sacramento Sun


The little local newspaper that shows up at my door twice a month is one of the little surprizes I didn’t expect when I moved to West Sacramento.

I’m not usually much of a newspaper reader, but there is something especially nice about having local news. It makes me feel connected to my neighbors.

Highlights from this week’s issue:

-Stanley Chun, 90 year old Tai Chi teacher that volunteers at the community center, receives recognition from the Commission on Aging for his community service

-West Sac Veteran’s Day Parade information

-Winning Powerball ticket purchased at West Sac gas station

-Pudding snack recipes

Plus regular columns on relationships, movie reviews, being organized, gaming, religion, and money management.

The classified section is a fun read (know anyone who collects Spanish swords?) and a good resource if you’re like me and just want to sell your couch to someone who needs it without going through the Craig’s List circus.

And of course, no paper is complete without a crossword puzzle.

The West Sacramento Sun is online at westsacramentosun.com


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