17th October 2014 - by Chris Saizan


German beer. German food. German music. And a Ferris wheel.


Octoberfest may be over, but the party lives on in West Sacramento as “Sactoberfest.”

This is how West Sacramento does Octoberfest. We play beer pong in Lederhosen, then learn to polka dance.

The three-day festival featured Bavarian culture served family-style, lots of people brought their kids to share in the  experience.

The carnival rides were a hit, but I almost think people had more fun with the games and contests, like corn-hole, keg rolling, and stein holding.

If you don’t know what stein holding is,¬†watch here.

Rich Clakely, the event producer for Sactoberfest, was quoted by as saying “It’s not just about the beer, but about the experience of culture, agriculture, food, and more. Since Sactamento is such a great farm-to-fork region, we knew this was the best place to bring that altogether.”

I failed to take pictures, but there are some awesome photos on Instagram.





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