Streetcar Connection to Downtown Sac

14th January 2015 - by Chris Saizan

Streetcar Connection to Downtown Sac

Sacramento – West Sac Streetcar


It has been several months since I first heard the rumors of a streetcar transit system connection downtown Sacramento to West Sacramento’s riverfront district and civic center.

Last month, two articles on the streetcar plan demonstrated that the streetcar has been promoted from a “someday” dream to a much more substantial “within the next five years” possibility.

The Plan

The proposed route would circle the downtown Sacramento area, stop at the Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility before heading over the Tower Bridge and splitting into two legs – one to the West Sac Civic Center, and the other along the Riverfront Street.

The streetcar project already has a lot of support from local government and transportation agencies, and is currently waiting on the results of a public vote. (article here)

More information about the streetcar plan, economic and environmental impact, and it’s supporters on

Next rumor on the wind – bike share stations from Sacramento to Davis. Please oh please oh please….


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