3rd February 2015 - by Chris Saizan


I love our train station.


The brick exterior, the waxed tile floor, the wooden benches, the chandeliers and high arches, the murals. I have taken the train in and out of Sacramento dozens of times, and every time I feel enchanted by the old building.

Sacramento is in the process of developing the rail yards into the “Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility, ” which will make better use of the urban property while preserving that lovable old building. (click here to see the map)



The Sacramento Station was originally the end of the line for the Central Pacific Railroad section of the First Transcontinental Railroad. A large mural inside commemorates Sacramento’s part in transportation history, as does the Sacramento State Railroad Museum just a few blocks away.

The majestic building we use today was built in 1926, and is registered as a National Historic Site.



Since 2003, Sacramento has been slowly redeveloping the rail yards as part of a multi-billion dollar plan that incorporates housing, retail and someday the California High Speed Rail. (article here)

The vision is to turn the Sacramento Station into a transportation hub – rental cars, rental bikes, taxis, buses, and light rail in addition to the Amtrak trains that currently service the station – supported by shopping, dining, and other commerce.

And, West Sacramento will hopefully be connected to the station by streetcar by the time the plan is fully carried out.


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