Urban Agriculture in West Sacramento

15th August 2014 - by Chris Saizan

One of the things that sold me on my house in West Sacramento was the community garden at the end of the block.

community garden

I have seen articles about the growing (literally, growing) movement known as “urban agriculture,” stories about vegetables growing street-side in LA or roof-top gardens in Chicago, I and think “that’s cool, good for them.”

But when there is actually a garden down the street from your house, run by a co-op of your own neighbors, where you can pull weeds and pick eggplant – let me tell you, it feels good.

These little vegetable patches are sprouting up (there I go again) all around West Sacramento.


Earlier this year, West Sacramento residents started a new Urban Farm that is now selling it’s produce at the weekly Farmer’s Market.

Garden Park, in the Bridge District, is a community park with raised planter beds incorporated into the layout. The architect, David Gates, designed the park using a classic Italian template.

Purple Tomatoes

You can learn more about community gardens in West Sacramento by visiting the Friends of the Main Drain Parkway


– Cheers

(PS – these are photos I took at my community garden… just so you know how awesome it is)

Bee on flower

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